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About Warders of the Weald
Sworn to valor, heart knowing only virtue,
Defender of the Helpless, Speaking only true.
Helping the Needy, Healing the Ill,
This is our Order, of the Wealds will...


We are a happy, easy going kinship of friends, and in many cases family. We enjoy socializing and roleplaying, along with fantastic music from the music system!
We Enjoy crafting, and questing, but if your looking for a kinship that is all about power leveling and rapid advancements and heavy raiding, you might be looking in the wrong place :)

What we are:

We are a Friendly Roleplay-lite kinship, Not into heavy raiding. We are helpful, We are giving, we love gatherings and festivals!
What we are not:
We are not Power levelers,  not spar fans, we are not fans of profanity.
We are not a big raid/or/skirmish oriented kinship We may raid in future, but it isn't a goal to be a massively raid active kinship, most of our current kinfolks do not enjoy it.
We have alliances ( ask about them ) With other kinships that do scheduled raids any of our kinship is welcomed to join in, at any time.

What we are looking for in a recruit is someone that is happy with people being friends with them, and socializing, roleplaying, and playing music, as that is a lot of what we do.
A Player wanting to contribute ( at all levels ) with materials for our crafters, with help offered to those wanting help, is a plus also.
We have many folks that at times may be too busy with a project, so ask, if you need help, and if none is available, be patient, ask  some time later if new people log in.

If you feel these ideas match your own play-style, then the Warder's of the Weald may be a home for you!
Please spend some time ( at least an hour )  with the officer you are petitioning to recruit with,  if you both get a long well,  and are recruited, you will have a 2 week period in which to get to know us, and see if you like it here, and vica versa.
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