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re: Holda


Hoppa, as promised, below is what ya need.  I realized a third suggestion would be wise for clarity.

Welcome to our Crafting Storage Alliance. 

Our purpose is to keep all levels of materials available to help craft for friends and allies without your own vault bursting at the seams.

If you have not visited Holda, in Thorin's Homestead*, please do so.  See what we offer and how it's organized.  Questions and suggestions after seeing are welcome.

Donations are voluntary, not a duty.  If something seems consistently low, please let Lilje know. 

In order to keep out unsavory types, please do not make this information public. If you want to recommend someone or an entire kin, do let Lilje know.

This is an untested effort on this scale.  There will be not enough room; there will be accidents; there may even be some frustrations; Mr. Murphy will find new ways to introduce his Law; et al.  Please keep in mind the intent behind this effort, and hopefully it will help soften the wrinkles.


1) Nothing in the storage is to be sold for profit.

2) A marker (aka placeholder, aka the dead last "1 {material name}") makes inventory upkeep easier.  Please do not take the last of any one mat.  Accidents happen, but please be mindful. Please let Lilje know if you notice any missing and you don't have a spare to replace it.  If you do not know how to split a stack, please ask. 

3) Regarding opened recipes--no duplicates, please--all single use recipes should go to that craft's house (or Garikyori's if there is no room). The marker rule does not apply, as a recipe is not a material.

Craft Leveling Suggestions:

1) Scholars, feel free to use any "{level} {craft}'s Journal" recipes, then put them in the related craft house. (e.g Expert Jeweler's Journal)  If we have extra dye mats, and dye needs a top off, have at it.

2) Processors--please keep your target crafters in mind when you process.  Lower tiers use more basics than upper tiers, which are more evenly spread.  If we have a lot of unprocessed mats, feel free to add to the processed if we're low.

3) Creators--please do not wipe out stores to craft level.  If we have an over abundance of mats, dip in, but not too deeply, please. 

Confused? It will all make sense in time.  But these are the most important things to know for now.

I hope you enjoy it!

* ((Map link: ))

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